Here are some examples of works I have made for customers.   

This family of sandhill cranes are in cement composite for outdoor display.  The large upright  crane is 55" high and can be removed from its base at the top of the legs.  the chick is 24" tall.  They have been finished with a layer of stucco which has been stained and detailed to match the natural layout of feathering.  ​

These snowy egrets are perched on driftwood.  The total height is 48" and left to right 36".  The birds are in wood and have steel rods for legs



​Blue heron in  natural colors and mounted on sandstone.  Made for outdoors using a composite body on steel legs.  Height is 50" and weight is 60 lbs, but, it comes apart at the top of the legs for ease of handling.  It can be made in wood if it needs to be shipped.